Best Lego Websites: Brickset

17th September 2018

Welcome to the first post in the ‘Best Lego Websites’ series where I’ll highlight the Lego sites that I find most useful/interesting.

First up is Brickset ( If you only visit one Lego related website then this should be it. Information about new sets, reviews, competitions and details of Lego events are posted daily. There is a ‘Buy’ section where you can see current prices for sets at Amazon and a range of other retailers and the saving on the RRP so you can compare prices and find the best one. 

Perhaps my favourite feature is the ‘Browse’ section where you can find images and information on pretty much every Lego set ever made and if you sign up you can catalogue the sets you own and the sets you’d like to own.

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I’m Ben, a huge fan of Lego and I love to share my enthusiasm for it and see all the wonderful and innovative ways in which children and adults use it. I hope to see you soon at an after school Lego club or AFOL meetup!


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